Our Projects

Main Branch

Our main branch is home to over 40 orphans who are cared for on a full time basis. ​We have three dormitories that house our children, a full kitchen, a pre-school, a library and playing fields. Our children are cared for by staff and house moms who all have the responsibility of being 'parents' to our children. From class one our children attend schools in our neighbourhood and will continue on through high school and college or technical school. We believe every child is capable of success and we provide them with the best opportunity to succeed and excel in life. We focus on developing the whole child through education, physical well-being, spiritual growth, and emotional strength. We have social workers who also ensure that our children keep in contact with their extended family if possible. We believe it is important for each child to identify with their family home and hopefully can one day re-integrate into their communities, and make a difference in their home area.

At the centre we have full time staff of house moms, kitchen staff, night guards, social workers and pre-school teachers who all contribute to raising each child in a healthy and wholesome environment. Since this is the only home for many of our children we strive to make it a place where each child feels safe and loved.

Baby Home

In August 2012, the baby home was formed as an extension to the already existing LCC programme, and cares for abandoned babies and toddlers (ages 0-4), including those that are HIV positive and have other special needs. These babies have been abandoned in varying circumstances - some left in hospitals, others found on the road side, in pit latrines or on rubbish dumps. Our vision is to create a safe and loving environment that offers high quality care to abandoned babies. As these babies have often already experienced trauma, neglect and abuse, our focus is on creating a 'homely' environment, where they will get the love, shelter, warmth, nutrition, care and attention that they need, as well as dealing with medical issues as they arise. Our hope is that each baby that passes through our home will know love and family with us, and that they will be able to reach their full potential whilst in our care.

We will do all that we can to get these babies ready for adoption and making sure that they are placed in a loving adoptive family, by working closely with registered adoption agencies. Those who for whatever reason cannot be placed into an adoptive family will transition to full time care at the Limuru Children's Centre.


​K-Branch is the name given to our satellite branch located in the village of Kamirithu. From this centre, we run a pre-school and feeding program for the families and children in need in this community. Our goal of the program is to provide a strong foundational education and nutritional food assistance for the children most in need in the Kamirithu community. Providing accessible education and care for the children not only helps the children, but also allows the child's parent or guardian to seek employment during the school day. Our program in Kamirithu seeks to serve the vunerable child by supporting family units and allowing families to stay together through providing meaningful assistance in food and education.

Life House

​As our children at LCC have grown, we have realized there is a real need to transition of children from living in our home to living independently outside of LCC after high school. Life House is the name given to our transition program that we have started with the goal of preparing our youth to be firmly grounded in their faith, have a positive self-identity, and have the practical life skills needed to not only survive but make a positive difference in the communities that they become a part of after LCC.

​Our teenagers join Life House once they start high school, and the move into their own apartments where they transition into cooking and caring for themselves. We have house parents and staff who mentor and train them along the way, but they gain more and more independence through out the program. During the school holidays, speakers from various backgrounds and professions speak to the youth about various topics, from how to prepare food to knowing your purpose and identity.


Our pre-school program serves two purposes. Firstly to prepare our children who call LCC home for entering Class 1 at primary school. We have also seen a need in our communities where we serve to provide free pre–school education to the needy and vulnerable children within the community. This not only benefits the child, but provides day care for the parent or guardian to be able to find work during the day. We run two pre-schools. One from our Main Branch and one in Kamirithu. In total we have over 70 children in our pre-school program.

Feeding Program

​Our feeding program is an outreach program providing balanced nutrition and support to needy and vulnerable children in the community. We pay for, and provide school lunches to over 140 school children in our Main Branch and K-Branch communities. For many of these children, this is the only nutritionally balanced meal they will receive for the day.