About Us

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Our History

The Limuru Children's Centre began as a caring giving organization formed by volunteers from the community. It started with a simple Christmas lunch party held in December 2003 for orphaned and disadvantaged children from the Limuru area in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. The original program began with a few women with a heart to serve the poor in their community. Initially they started a feeding program for poor children. It eventually grew to include a day care component where children could be left by their parents enabling them to find casual work during the day. The day care program, grew into a pre-school program. Today, LCC has grown to take in and care for orphaned and abandoned children, but we still have a heart to serve our community, and help keep children within their family structures by providing preschool, food and other community assistance initiatives.

Our Mission

Limuru Children's Centre exists to improve the life chances of orphans and vunerable children by giving them an equal opportunity at life through loving and caring for them and providing for their health, education, nutrition and shelter needs.

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Our Beliefs

We believe all children are capable of success, our heart is to provide orphans and vulnerable children with the building blocks to help them to achieve their full potential and have equal access to a full and positive life. We provide care, love and protection, as well as shelter and education to children who would otherwise be without.

Our Staff